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Your Sex Could Be Dictating Your Flexing Habits

The most of fresh and novel news you may find through our blog. Here we go, let us have a read about recent news as “What is the difference between men and women? Research says that playing with a mobile phone is more harmful to women’s cervical spine” Really personal gender may dictate to your flexing habits?

New study About Flexing Habits

According to a new study, gender and height seem to influence how people bend their neck when watching a handheld device. As the number of mobile phones and tablets in the United States increases, so does the degree of bending the neck compared to desktop or laptop computers.

According to a study published in the journal Clinical Anatomy, researchers at the University of Arkansas observed neck and chin postures while using hand-held electronic devices.

In this study, the researchers asked 22 participants (10 women and 12 men) to hold and use electronic devices in five different poses while taking X-rays. These postures range from sitting upright to fully tilted, as if the participant leaned back on the chair.

Found through research

Research has found that women and shorter people have different neck bends than men and older people; this may be related to the higher incidence of neck and chin pain in women.

There is some evidence that using these devices in certain postures, such as cell phones or tablets, can affect both the neck and the chin, eventually leading to the development of both types of pain.

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