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What do you need to bring on Family Beach Day

A few days ago, we held Family Beach Day. For the luggage needed to go to the beach, I would like to share it with you. It is a free guide for everyone to help you make the beach trip more smooth.

What do you need to bring on Family Beach Day

1.Beach Blankets

Even if you have a good pop-up tent or cabin to give you some shadow, you will want to bring a nice big beach blanket to your family to spread and relax. I don’t know your situation, but I don’t like to use my own bath towel on the beach, then use it to dry when we leave the beach. There is a separate towel to help reduce the sand.

What do you need to bring on Family Beach Day

2. Portable Beach Umbrella/Tent

Although sunscreen helps protect our skin from excessive sunlight, there is nothing better than the actual sunscreen. Bringing a beach umbrella or tent can be a bit of a hassle, but definitely worth it.

After years of living nowhere near water (in Dallas, Texas), we didn’t own any portable umbrellas and didn’t think to bring one with us on our recent family day at the beach. We all suffered for it. Even though the temperature was a relatively mild 85 degrees, the few hours we spent in the sun really zapped our energy. I wish that we’d thought ahead and purchased a nice beach tent to provide a much-needed break from those sun rays.

When it comes to bringing your own shade to the beach, you have a couple of options. You can go with a traditional single pole umbrella, a pop-up tent, or a full-on cabana. The prior two are more portable than the latter but they also provide less shaded space.


Our family has a wide mix of skin tones, some more resistant to sunburns than others, but we always make sure to bring tons of sunblock. We tend to stick with SPF 50 because it is easier to apply, especially in lotion form. We always pick up a mix of both sprays and creams.

Spray-on sunblock is much easier to apply but because it’s clear, it can be harder to make sure that you are getting sufficient coverage, so be extra careful with that. Also, since we know we’re going to be getting wet (both from the water and from just being sweaty on a hot day) we make sure to get the sport or water/wet skin versions.

We like have a baby/toddler sunblock on hand for Reeves. Lastly, because some of us have sensitive skin, we often pack special sunblock that’s just for our faces.

4. Flip flops

Last time, we went to a country tour in Southeast Asia. I bought a pair of pottery sandals. I like it very much. They are not only very fashionable, they can be matched almost everything, and they are very comfortable. I can go all day during the whole trip. Wearing them for a walk, there is no problem. So, of course, when we went to the beach, they were the first thing I caught. But in reality they are hard to walk on the beach.

I ended up switching to a pair of Keens that I brought along just in case. A pair of flip-flops would have done nicely as well. When it comes to beach shoes, simple and waterproof is the way to go. Leave the nicer sandals (like the Taos) in the car.

5. Cooler

If you are going to be on the beach for any length of time, you are going to get thirsty. Some beaches have plenty of eateries right off the boardwalk that are willing to sell you a cool drink (for a premium of course). But it can be a bit of a pain having to walk back and forth when you can just carry a small cooler and keep your beverages with you right near the water.

I love the idea of pre-packing lunch in a picnic cooler for a relaxing meal right by the water. That way you can avoid the lunch rush at the boardwalk spots.

6.Waterproof Wallet

When it comes to protecting valuables at the beach, the best thing to do is to not bring them with you at all. Leave them safely locked up in your hotel room or in your car. Not having to worry about your valuables means you can just relax and have fun.

But there are some things that you will have to keep on you no matter what–like the keys to your car or hotel room where your valuables are locked up. A waterproof wallet is a perfect solution for holding your smaller valuables so that you can spend your time enjoying the water without having to keep one eyeball on your things the entire time.

7. Beach bag

Unless you are staying at a hotel or house right on the beach, chances are you are going to be hauling quite a bit of stuff with you out to your chose spot by the shore. You’ll want to have a couple of nice big bags to carry everything in.

Now, I prefer a large mesh tote because it’s a lot easier to get sand out of at the end of the day and it dries faster. Joseph prefers a backpacks style because it’s much easier to carry–particularly if you have little ones that may want to ride in your arms.

8.Insulated water bottles

I sincerely say that I like to enjoy a fruit mix and an umbrella on the beach, but it is very important to ensure that you and your family maintain proper moisture. This means drinking a lot of water all day.

9.Sand toys

A family trip to the beach just isn’t a trip to the beach without the obligatory sand castles. Building them never gets old. My kids can play in the sand for hours without ever even touching the ocean. Look for a set that has a carrying case for easy portability. Ours gets tons of use thanks to the adorable frog-shaped sandbox in our backyard.

When traveling, we try to replace those bottled water with reusable bottles. In fact, the insulated water bottles help keep the contents cooler than standard water bottles. We can put them on the night before and freeze them, or we can put ice in advance, which will ensure a cool stay in the entire beach.

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