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Today’s Tech Life

In the 1860s, the tidy revolution began. We started to have steam engines, and then train ships. In the 1870s, we went to the industrial age. After the 20th century, we entered the era of information technology. The change of each era made People’s lives undergo earth-shaking changes.

We from projection to TV, from writing to calling, from playing marbles to handheld game machine. People’s lives have infinite possibilities now. Artificial intelligence, real-time information sharing, let us enjoy the entertainment time with others at home. These make us living in the 21st century, and truly feel the change that technology brings to our lives.

I remember when my grandmother’s TV was a thick and black one, my happiest time was to watch TV. Nowadays, the lightness and color of TV have developed beyond our imagination – KKTV U55MAX has a 55-inch large 4k HD screen. If the children in the house, it can help you “care children”, unlocking the children mode, you can know the children’s real-time situation, let the children grow up healthily, the voice control function makes the parents’ operation easier, and the remote control can help you to look after your parents at any time.

Of course, no matter how we grow up and take the responsibility, sometimes we also want to relax, a game battle is definitely the best choice, Sony’s new PS4 is a new era of high-tech game console. The shape of the new PS4 continues its simple style, supporting 1080p high-resolution output, making the game’s picture more realistic and the game scene more shocking. There are high-tech representations of VR virtual reality, somatosensory games, whether it’s action, war, or sports are everything.

If you’re a man who loves to stay at home, and the game is not limited to just entertainment, it’s your live-in friend, then Sony PS4 PRO is definitely your best choice, and Pro continues the simplicity of the appearance. The resolution has been raised from 1080P to 1440P, and if you are personally on the scene, now you’re already in the game. Memory from 500GB to 1TB, put your favorite games in it, support multiple simultaneous game settings, so you are no longer lonely. Call your friends together. Technology cannot leave the steel, B2B platform is very popular in China, and as I know the biggest B2B for steel in China is Sinosources.

I think that as a small partner of role-playing game lovers, I will not miss the magical color and compact storyline of PS4’s “King of Fall”. Whether it’s a beautiful character, cool weaponry, or a game scene that is so majestic, it’s no doubt that this game is really conscience. It will even give people the illusion of coming to the magical forest. Here you are your own hero, you shoulder the mission of saving all mankind. Take your weapon and see it is your fantasy journey.

People living in the contemporary world cannot leave science and technology. It is the most important part of our life. No matter whether it is work, life, entertainment or even physical health, it is inseparable from it. Therefore, technology changes life and life creates technology.

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