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The rule of the chess

Now,Chess and card games are more and more popular , because them, not only simple in playing rules and methods, but also bring a lot of fun to us, The players will understand and familiar with the game. At the same time, them attention to chess and card games, chess, also become a favorite game for players.

The rule of the chess

There are some difference between chess and Chinese chess, include rules and methods, It is precisely because of this, so, if players want to underatand how to play chess, they should know something about it.

Rule 1: Placement of chess pieces.

Players play chess alternately, which requires special attention in the placement of chess pieces. Generally speaking, like Wang, it can walk sideways and sideways, but only one step can be taken. Other chess pieces also need to be placed and moved according to the rules.

Rule 2: Layout Rules.

Chess is made up of two kinds of pieces, black and white. Whether from the perspective of the players of white chess or black chess, in the bottom right corner of the chessboard, it must be white chess, white chess must be placed on the white lattice, and black chess must be placed on the black lattice.

Rule 3: Judgement of victory or defeat.

The final judgement of victory or defeat is that whoever’s king is killed by the other party will win the final victory. Therefore, when playing games, we should know whether Wang’s chess piece has been eaten, or whether there will be a situation of peace.

It’s difference between chess and Chinese chess, chess has its own playing methods and rules. As long as they understand chess and want to play such a chess game, to many players, should first understand it, including its various playing methods and rules, which should be understood. Only players understanding it very well, can they know how to play it.

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