Nathalie Botros On Her Journey To Becoming “The Bon-Vivant Girl”

Nathalie Botros On Her Journey To Becoming “The Bon-Vivant Girl”

If you had asked me about my life five years ago, I could easily divide it into two parts: the sparkling periods and the black periods. My sparkling times were amazing because I would enjoy my life, travel, eat out, socialize and party. Unfortunately, that lifestyle made me gain weight, which is when my black periods would begin. During these times I would get depressed because I would lock myself up at home trying to slim down with the latest diet, struggling to shed the extra weight with no success. 

I somehow survived this lifestyle until ten years ago when I moved to New York and gained a lot of weight very fast. Once I realized it, I spent my life trying to get rid of it, and through that entered the longest black period of my life. 

I was living in one of the most exciting cities in the world, but every night I would stay home feeling depressed and desperate. I had tried every diet on the market – even a few very extreme ones. Some worked for a little while; some failed miserably. 

I’m sure many of you have found yourselves in this position. 

I thought: “well, we all know how we are supposed to lose weight: ‘eat less, and work out more’. So how come when we do it, we are not losing that weight? We try everything that the media, friends, and our family advises us. How come it works for everyone but us?”

The answer I found to this daunting question is simply “bio-individuality”. No diet fits all. We are all composed differently and have distinct lifestyles. Our best friend’s successful weight loss diet can be our personal poison.

After understanding that, I decided to try a different approach. 

“What if, I don’t wait to lose weight to be happy?”

My first step was working on myself, instead of on my food. I needed to embrace my curves and love my new figure so I could fully accept myself and become a healthier me. This realization helped me gain back my self-confidence. It led me to finally leave my house without shame and to enjoy my life again. 

Don’t forget “when you are at peace with your body, nobody dares to say the opposite”. 

I was ready for my second step: working on my food. Rather than seeing another nutritionist or looking for the newest diet, I started to keep a food journal. I would not only log all the food that I put in my mouth, but also the time and the place where I ate it, as well as the state of mind I was in at the time. When I read it back a week later; it helped me understand why I was eating. It also helped me comprehend my weaknesses and strengths vis-à-vis food. 

Healing my emotions and learning to understand my relationship with food led me to the Bon-Vivant Girl lifestyle. I started to live to my fullest potential, with less weight and more appetite for life. 

The amazing part of my journey is that while I was trying to lose weight, I found something much bigger: happiness. 

And guess what? Happiness is not attached to weight loss. Otherwise, every skinny person in this world would be happy. Happiness is a state of mind that you need to find, to rock everything in your life.

My book, “If You Are What You Eat Should I Eat a Skinny Girl?”, is a roadmap to a healthy and happy lifestyle. I wrote this book so I could spread my message: “You can lose the weight without losing your appetite for life”.  It is a book about my journey to a happier, healthier and skinnier self; filled with motivation, tips, tricks, and humor.

Today I am in the best shape of my life, enjoying every minute of it. Most importantly, I am happy and healthy…. In other words, I am The Bon-Vivant Girl.


Article written by Nathalie Botros, edited by Rosa Sánchez. 

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