Margot M. Bisnow Talks Female Bosses & Her Personal Rules For Raising an Entrepreneur

Margot M. Bisnow Talks Female Bosses & Her Personal Rules For Raising an Entrepreneur

Author, powerful girl boss and fantastic mother, Margot M. Bisnow Talks to Golden Blog about her experiences raising her two loving children, climbing the career ladder and coping with feelings of entrepreneurial defeat. Read on and check out her newest book Raising an Entrepreneur: 10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers & Change Makers.

As a powerful, strong female who raised two wonderful and very successful individuals, tell us how you were able to succeed in your career while also being a full-time mother?  

I was lucky to have a very supportive husband and parents who lived nearby! 

In writing my book, I was impressed how many entrepreneurs I interviewed had moms who worked full time while they were growing up. The entrepreneurs became very resilient.

Society often sees women like you (healthy family, booming career) as “Superwomen” what do you think of that term, and do you believe there is any woman that perfect?

I always tell women who are thinking of having children that they have three choices when it comes to their career: 

  1. they can not work and feel guilty
  2. they can work full-time and feel guilty
  3. or they can work part-time and feel guilty.

So just stop feeling guilty! I realized when doing my many book interviews that no situation is perfect, and everyone just does the best they can. And you know what? That’s enough!

From your experience, what advice can you give to female entrepreneurs who wish to make it in their industry?  

Never, ever get discouraged and never, ever give up. If it were easy, someone else would have done it.

What advice can you give to mothers with young children? What is the secret to raising a successful entrepreneur?  

After talking to 60 successful entrepreneurs and their moms about how they were raised for my book, I felt their wisdom could be distilled into 10 rules…you’ll have to read my book to find out what they are!  But there is one over-arching rule: as a parent, you have to believe in your child. You will say, “But every parent believes in their child.” No, every parent loves their child. But not every parent believes in their child or supports their child in what they want to do. Most parents think that if their child does what makes their heart sing, they will not be able to make a living. The parents I talked to — every single one of them — did not do that.  Rather, they encouraged their children to follow their hearts, and they supported them with encouragement and sometimes even helped them figure out how to do it, by providing lessons, mentors, etc .

In writing your book, Raising an Entrepreneur, did you come across any lessons you yourself learned from teaching your child how to think like a professional? 

Kids need mentors — not necessarily other entrepreneurs, but people who have experience in the areas the kids have their passion for, who can teach and guide them and help them start to find the tools they’ll need to create something. It’s also great if they can find mentors who inspire them to think differently, "outside the box." A mentor doesn’t have to be famous or important, but just someone the child respects, who shows them a new way of looking at the world and validates their self-worth.

Do you think that you are the person you are today because of the way your parents raised you? 

I think my parents had a huge influence on who I am and my values, but I’d hate to think I stopped growing when I moved out of the house to go to college. I have been lucky to have many mentors and inspirations over the years—but they don’t always come to you, you have to look for them. Interestingly, in recently years I’ve learned so much from my kids.

What is the most important value a successful entrepreneur (male or female) should have? 

As Billy Jean King would say, “to view failure as feedback”, and to never get discouraged!

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