Your 6 Step Guide To Absolutely Crushing It In 2017

Your 6 Step Guide To Absolutely Crushing It In 2017

Ahhh the new year is here! With the holiday season in full swing, festive songs have overtaken the airwaves, Christmas decor has filled every corner and all our favorite holiday classics are running on repeat wherever we go. There’s family, there’s candy, there’s presents. So yes, the holidays are indeed amazing, but guess what – my fellow hustlers and readers – you're going to have to slow down with those champagne glasses because… WE’VE GOT LOTS OF WORK TO DO!  These are the 6 things you need to ensure 2017 is the best year yet.

“Nothing can stop us I'm all the way up!”

1. Land Ho!

Looking forward to the upcoming year makes me more excited than anything. I don’t only mean the luxurious parties, or tropical vacations, but in terms of business as well. When thinking of the possibilities to come, I like to concentrate specifically on my 2017 budget. For those of you who are a bit clueless on this topic, it’s normal, but you’re going to have to step up your game because this part is essential. Why? because creating a financial road map for your company is key to helping it succeed and grow in the coming year. How much income will you obtain? how much will your total expenses cost you? What is the net operating income? Will you make any large one time purchases? What do you need to do to increase your total income? Or in my case, how many deals need to be closed? How many widgets do I need to sell? What do I need to do to reduce expenses?

But back to non-business items.. What can you do to make 2017 the absolute best year yet? Who would you like to meet? Where would you like to go? What would you like to accomplish? Think and commit to your 2017 epicness! Only you can chart this course!

2. Look Back

It's hilarious how many memes there are of how terrible 2016 has treated people. I think we can agree that it’s certainly been a hard one, BUT, in the spirit of making 2017 much much better, it’s important to look back and understand every positive and negative aspect of this past year – don’t hold grudges, don’t give up on unsolved problems, and learn to move on.

As a company, looking at the profit and loss statements of previous years is important, but rather than focusing on the negative, look at it this way: have you seen improvement? Are you content with the direction you're headed in? If you're doing well, and are happy with your business, maybe slowing down and actually enjoying the moment (AKA your personal life) is in order. Yet, if you're numbers are going downhill, think of what you can do to turn things around. This applies to the non-career aspects of your life as well: a recent move, a birth in the family, a death in the family, a new relationship, your wedding, maybe a breakup or divorce. Look back to 2016 and then make an overview of your life. What can you do to change for the better in 2017? How can you stay committed to your goals? Are you on the right track or do you need to reevaluate your strategy? It seems simple, but taking a moment to retrace your steps and jot down what you’d like to do differently will help you immensely when organizing your goals for the new year. Think woman think!

3. Let it Go

Are you still upset at your coworker, or hurt by a problem that cannot be solved? Are you angry at a family member? Having troubles with an ex? Annoyed with the mailman? Baggage alert! Sorry, but in your path towards success there is only one check in and one carry on allowed. So get that damn chip off your shoulder. Whatever is this that made you upset – even if it happened to be the extremely devastating loss of a family member (and if that’s the case, I am truly sorry) you have to let it go. If 2017 is in fact going to be your best year ever, your baggage is weighing you down, and you longer need it. You're an adult now.

So that’s my message to you: Forgive and Forget. It’ll be hard, but you can always seek help from those around you. And once you’re feeling fresh and ready to rock this coming year, commit to it. Make it worth your efforts.

5. Be Grateful

You want to grow your company? Increase your income? Make 2017 the best year yet? First things first: be grateful for everything you already have.

A year ago I had a serious foot surgery and couldn't walk for about six weeks. This meant I couldn't do almost any of my day-to-day tasks. It caused me to miss important meetings, social gatherings, and even putting on clothes was a daily struggle. I have never been as grateful (to have ten toes and two feet) as I was the day I started walking again. Be Grateful! Grateful that you're alive, grateful you have a job, grateful you're in America, grateful that you're able to read, grateful you have a smartphone, grateful for your partners – or grateful that you don't have a partner! Be grateful that you can see, grateful that you have a family, grateful that you've travelled around the world, grateful that you've found a home you never want to leave, JUST BE GRATEFUL. Do this every day and I promise your 2017 will be absolutely amazing. Don't just read this blog and think “that's nice!” Write that sh*t down… and add to it. Google Docs, Notepad, Word Doc this list. I mean it!

6. Stay Optimistic

What are you looking forward to in 2017? 2018? 2019 and beyond? Seriously. I personally am looking forward to settling down and having a family, buying my next project, celebrating my family’s 50th year in America, and my 20th year in real estate. I’m excited to see how much of my “five year plan” I’ve accomplished by 2019 (thank you Dawn Fotopolous for the inspiration) and many more things I can’t even come up with now. All I know is that there is so much to look forward to.

Living in New York can be extremely inspiring – what with the fast-paced lifestyle and vibrant culture – but sometimes it can be downright sad. We turn on the news and see nothing but murders, hate crimes, protests – it seems like it’ll never end. The key here is to stay focused on your personal goals, things that you alone can accomplish. They may be a lot, and some ideas may be vague or underdeveloped, but jot them down. I do! As I’m writing this, I literally have next to me a  list of things I want to accomplish and the exact date I want to accomplish them by. When I'm feeling beat from a lost deal, I remind myself that I have years to accomplish my goals. What are you looking forward to in your own life?

Peace out 2016! Goodbye! Sayonara! Good Riddance! Adios! And thank you – both for the amazing experiences and the sh*tty times. When I look back at my memories next December, I hope to be twice as grateful as I am today. Hello 2017! My God… this is going to be the best year ever.

Article written by Chris Okada, edited by Rosa Sanchez.

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