Tacos For Days! Celebrate National Taco Day At These 6 NYC Hotspots

Tacos For Days! Celebrate National Taco Day At These 6 NYC Hotspots

So many tacos so little time!

In honor of the most taco-filled Tuesday of all Taco Tuesdays, we've brought you our six top NYC taco spots of the season. All offering entirely different flavors, ingredients, cultural backgrounds and settings, yet all delicious in their own way, these trendy eateries are a must on this tasty holiday. 

The Taco Truck

The Taco Truck – very appropriate in its name – has blessed us this Tuesday with the most authentic, fresh Mexican street food perfect for pleasing our New York palates. With locations on the High Line, Princeton, Morristown and Hoboken, this delicious spot is ideal for a filling, traditional Mexican taco on-the-go. Today, buy a Taco Traditional and get another on the house! #TacosForDays

Takumi Taco

We cannot even begin to explain Takumi Taco – but we can tell you that for a fusion restaurant, it’s by far one of the best. Serving Japanese-inspired Mexican food, this extraordinary restaurant located in Chelsea Market (and various other spots in the city) offers unexpected taco options, that to everyone’s surprise, are absolutely delicious. Taco choices include: Spicy Tuna, Japanese Curry Beef, Carnitas, Chicken Adobo, Chipotle Shrimp, Sapporo Braised Shortrib, Asian Citrus VeggieCharred and Japanese Lentil. In co-founder Marc Spitzer’s own words, “the concept was born from our love of two incredible cuisines with deep, rich and unique food cultures.” Well, we can’t argue with that!


Well, everyone knows you cant go wrong with a traditional Mexican restaurant on Taco Tuesday, which is why, if you’re thinking of going for a modern spin on the classics, you should visit Pampano. Try out the Tacos de Filete, which are loaded with filet mignon, salsa verde, and tasty guacamole, all inside a delicious corn tortilla. Or for a spunkier option, opt for the Huarache de Carne Tacos, which are filled with filet mignon, bean purée, caramelized onions, serrano vinaigrette and tasty manchego cheese in a corn masa flatbread. Yummmmm!


We could never get tired of Chef Katsuji Tanabe’s Kosher-Mexican fusion. Hailing from Mexico City, Tanabe knows more than a little about authentic cocina Mexicana. So if powerful, quality flavor is what you seek, stop by for a taste of the spot’s crispy Chicken Taquitos, or better yet, the Soft Taco Trio, made with soft corn tortillas, your choice of meat, pickled red onions and salsa. Kosher, inventive, mouthwatering and true to their Mexican roots, you cannot go wrong with Mexikosher’s Taco Tuesday bites. 

Ascent Lounge

Being the chicest new lounge in the city and located on the 4th floor of the the world-famous Time Warner Center, Ascent Lounger offers not only an array of gorgeous craft cocktails,  inventive floral martinis and spiced mojitos, but also a wonderful selection of bar bites and high-end hors d’oeuvres. Their Fish Tacos, in fact, are almost as tasty as their Sassy Peach Margaritas! Made with marinated and grilled Mahi Mahi, topped with housemade jicama, carrot and cilantro slaw and wrapped in a warm corn tortilla, these babies may just be the most elegant tacos you’ll ever eat!


RoundHouse, Hell’s Kitchen’s newest hotspots offers an intriguing mashup of Asian and Mexican street fare including corn tortilla Tacos, all crafted inside a kiosk in Balsley Park at 866 9th Avenue at West 57th Street. There’s seasonal outdoor seating, as well as takeout and delivery, plus, they’re the newest tacos in town! Options include Pork with gochujang, pineapple salsa, cilantro and butter lettuce; Poke tacos with avocado crema, sesame seeds and crispy shallots; Short Rib Tacos with avocado, peanuts, cilantro and lime; and Chicken with peanut sauce, pickled carrot and daikon, mint and cilantro. The sky is the limit when it comes to these tasty babies. Check them out and tell us your favorite!

Eat up!

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