Grill (and Eat) Like An Expert, This Summer

Grill (and Eat) Like An Expert, This Summer

The sun is out and grill season has finally begun! It took a while for us New Yorkers to feel the summer vibes but now that it’s official, we’ve got some exciting new dishes and grilling tips from some of the city’s hottest chefs and restaurants that’ll help us kick off the season with a hint of BBQ. 

Chef Chris Santos, behind VANDAL, Beauty & Essex, The Stanton Social, and judge on Chopped, is taking his culinary expertise to the backyards of every home this summer with his very own Santos-style BBQ sauce, the Rattler. This spiced up BBQ sauce features hot Cascabel Chilis which give the already delicious sauce, a kick of tasty picante. If you’re a chili aficionado, this sauce is your go-to. 

In the spirit of summer eating, the stars of the show – TAO GroupLDV Hospitality and Altamarea Group – have all shared with us some of their favorite grilling season dishes from the best spots in town. From juicy steaks, to haute burgers and spicy BBQ, there is nothing about these entrées that we do not love. American Cut's celebrity Chef Marc Forgione agrees, and in honor of his favorite season (grill season), he has give us some exclusive tips and trick that we cannot wait to follow when we’re out there grilling in our bikini tops and summery short shorts.

  • Fat is delicious: Buy a 10 oz. strip steak or rib eye- both have a nice fat cap (look for one at least 1/4” thick) surrounding the steak, which will protect the muscle from drying out and toughening up when you expose it to high heat. 
  • Use high heat: Cranking up the heat helps steaks adopt a steakhouse-worthy crust. The problem is that the average cheap sauté pan can't take the heat. So break out a heavy-bottomed metal pan or cast iron skillet. 
  • Don't play with your meat!: When you place the steak on a hot grill or pan, leave the steak alone until you begin to see a crust forming on the side of the steak that’s in contact with the skillet, around 3 to 4 minutes. 
  • Baste your steak: Add a few springs of thyme and a few unpeeled garlic cloves to the oil in a pan. Baste the steak by tipping the pan and using a spoon to pour the seasoned oil over the steak. 
  • Let it rest: Remove the meat from the pan and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before slicing across the grain so that the juices redistribute inside the steak. Slice and sprinkle with additional sea salt. Serve. 
  • Season with fat: All animals should be cooked and seasoned with their own fat. When we cook steak we use our MOP which is dry-aged beef fat that’s been rendered and cooked with butter, thyme, rosemary and garlic.

Now that is some professional grilling advice! Our burgers are sure to be fancier than ever! If you’re not much of a cook, or you simply need a haute night out, take a look at our top picks for meat-lovers in love and try them out yourself. You can never go wrong with a good New York steak, am I right?

50-day Dry Aged 36 oz Tomahawk Ribeye, courtesy of VANDAL

Made with: Creekstone Farms steak, red chimichurri and green romesco ($115)

Grilled Pork Flat Iron Steak, courtesy of VANDAL

Made with: hot pimenton pan sauce and cauliflower puree ($35)

Tagliata, courtesy of Marea 

Made with: grilled creekstone 50-day dry aged sirloin, raised romain and bone marrow panzanella ($57)

Filet Mignon, courtesy of American Cut Midtown

Made with: 10 oz beef, wet aged for 21 days ($46)

Tagliata Steak, courtesy of Ristorante Morini

Made with: prime strip steak, asparagus, salsa verde and roasted bone marrow ($42)

Let the grilling begin!

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