Fine Dining On-The-Go At Bespoke Kitchen

Fine Dining On-The-Go At Bespoke Kitchen

We are always raving about New York’s endless list of fantastic eateries and haute spots, and yes we tend to troll the city streets looking for the next it bar and craft cocktail, but there is only one restaurant that we seem to come back to time and time again, wanting more. That place is Bespoke Kitchen. We’re not sure if our savory obsession with this fine dining spot has risen from the fact that we know and love the Bespoke family, or from the fact that their food is simply incomparable in taste and quality to anything we have tried as of yet. It may be a combination of both – other way, this innovative spot has an exciting new lunch menu perfect for a high-end pick-me-up or midday bit of heaven. 

When at work, how often do we really get to pamper ourselves? How often do we spend our lunch break checking emails and half-enjoying our usual sandwich and coffee instead of taking the time to look for something nicer? Too often, is the answer. We live in the busiest most exciting and diverse city in the world! What are we thinking? With Chef Franco’s flavorful creations now a click away, you can get a Bespoke meal delivered to your office ready to rock your palate and brighten your day! Here we’ve included some of the Chef’s personal recommendations and of course our favorites, so this week, be sure to treat yourself to the exquisite taste of New York’s hottest New American eatery, Bespoke Kitchen. 

Turkey Croissant

With molasses bacon, avocado, basil pesto and baby kale, this croissant is both tasteful and nutritious – surely a step up from your classic midday sandwich. 

Apple Of My Eye

It may have started as a winter/spring Valentine's Day special, but this craft cocktail made with house infused apple vodka, apple dashi syrup, Amaro foam and apples for garnish is the key to our little hearts, no matter the season. 

Maple Braised Bacon

A seasonal dish made with the freshest, most savory products, this creation contains potato and leek puree, leek jam, maple-peppercorn sauce and of course, lots of bacon. What could possibly go wrong with ingredients like these? We'll eat this up any day.

The In And Out

Don't judge a drink by it's bourbon! This strong concoction made with Bacon washed bourbon, bourbon maple syrup, angostura bitters and burnt orange is for the brave and mighty. You may be resistant at first, but then you'll realize that bacon really does go with everything, and this drink is proof. 

Pastrami Melt


Prepared with Consider Bardwell Farm cheddar, thousand island dressing and honey-poppy seed cole slaw, this dish holds an array of favors that although distinct, blend together to create a perfectly delicious harmony – Bespoke's specialty.

Make your lunch hour count with Bespoke Kitchen's fine dining on the go – your mind and body will thank you.

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