10 Things To Do When Life Gives You Lemons...

10 Things To Do When Life Gives You Lemons...

We don’t know about you, but for us, this 90° weather is all about ice cold lemonade and blond locks in the fresh ocean breeze. The fruit that can make these dreams come true? Lemon! Limoneira, one of the largest providers of lemons in the United States, has got us covered when it comes to getting the best out of these vibrant earthly goods. From seasoning veggies to dying our hair and boosting our energy, the magic of this summer citrus is what will keep us shining bright this season. 


Whiten Your Smile

A smile says a lot about a person, and why should we use chemicals to help us shine our brightest? With just a little bit of baking soda and fresh lemon juice we can easily create an all-natural tooth-whitening paste that will keep our smiles radiant and our bodies healthy.

Give Yourself Natural Highlights

For a refreshing summer look simply soak your hair in lemon juice for a few minutes and – careful to to let it touch your skin – lay out in the sun until it dries. This exposure will lighten your hair color naturally and refresh your hair at the same time! Why stop by the salon when we can use lemons and sun to achieve our summer dos?


Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re getting ready for your morning run, brunching picnic-style in Central Park or just lounging on a sea-side hammock, drinking lemon water is a great way to stay hydrated and keep your body fully nourished. If it gets boring, add some cucumber, honey or mint! Not only is this citrus mix delicious and hydrating, but it also helps your body fight off infections by keeping your immune system strong and healthy. 

Boost Your Energy

Summer is all about being active, so keeping your energy levels high is essential. Lemon is a proven natural energy-booster and can also maximize your mental clarity! We recommend starting your day off with an invigorating lemon body scrub and a cup of hot lemon-infused water. Chin up buttercup! 


Season Veggies on the BBQ

It’s grill season! A mix of fresh lemons and sea salt is the perfect healthy combo to season your grilled veggies (and meats) this summer!

Light Summer Dining with Lemons

When the weather gets hot, we tend to gravitate towards salads, fruits, and lighter lunch choices than we would in the winter. This is good! An easy way to keep meals light and nutritious is to drink your veggies, eat your protein cold and fancy up your salads. Some of our favorites – straight from the Limoneira experts themselves – include Avocado-Lemon Corn Salsa and Summer Lemon Smoothie. Healthy never tasted so good!


Freshen Up With Lemon

Since lemon juice is known for getting rid of grease and unwanted bacteria, it is perfect for cleaning things around the kitchen, especially your BBQ grill! Don’t throw away those juicy fruits once you’re done squeezing, they may come in handy.

Repel Pesky Ants

For home owners, another name for summer is ant-paradise season. An easy way to repel these not-so-welcome insects them is by soaring lemon juice around areas where you often see them, such as the kitchen.

Bye Bye Weeds

If you’re a gardener, lemon juice is the magical ingredient you need to get rid of weeds once and for all. Fill up your spray bottle with five cups of lemon juice and two cups of water, then spray the weeds until they’re well-coated. Soon they will be gone and your gorgeous summer garden will bloom like no other. 

For more info on how this versatile zesty fruit can brighten your life, subscribe to Limoneira’s Youtube channel, plus follow Megan to keep up with her monthly advice on lemon living!

Bring on those Cali summer vibes!

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