Live The Sweet Life With Castello del Poggio's Refreshing Wine Cocktails!

In honor of National Red Wine Day – and because vino is simply the greatest drink on the planet – we've made you a roundup of the coolest wine cocktails to celebrate the end of summer! Courtesy of Italy's finest sweet wine label, Castello del Poggio, these easy to make drink recipes will have you wondering why you didn't think of adding Moscato into your Gin & Tonic sooner. Mix them up and enjoy!

Cool Labor Day Drinks To End Summer With A Bang!

With Labor Day coming up and summer coming to a fiery end, we Golden gals have put together a roundup of the most refreshing, bitter-sweet drinks to say goodbye to this gorgeous 80 degree weather and welcome pumpkin season! Bubbly, fruity and all together amazingly tasty, these cocktails will give you the taste of paradise you deserve. Drink up!

8 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes For National Watermelon Day!

In an effort to celebrate the juiciest, most refreshing fruit of the summer, we've brought you a Golden roundup of the coolest cocktails out there. Mixes include sweet, dry, iced, frozen and sour drinks to please every type of palate and every type of girl – plus, they can all be found at different hotspots around NYC. Check out our picks and shake up some cocktails with friends for National Watermelon Day! 

The 7 Foods You Need For A Flat Stomach

With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, getting slim and staying healthy is definitely at the top of our seasonal to-do lists. Since diets are not our thing, we've come up with a few easy hacks to get you dropping pounds and clearing up pores – fast...