Fashion Essentials To Put A Spring In Your Step

Fashion Essentials To Put A Spring In Your Step

The concept of street style has gone through quite a metamorphosis, and still today it continues to change – sometimes seemingly at the speed of light. Unlike in previous decades – when high-fashion and superb style were reserved only for the overprivileged – today the power of influence in fashion is quickly shifting towards girl-next-door millennials. From supermodels to Instagram influencers and passionate fashionistas taking over the streets, these are the trendsetters of today.

With these new waves of modernism and social media influence, high-end fashion powerhouses seem to be bending their rules to accommodate millennials, even reinventing high fashion to become more accessible, playful and inventive. What's more, this avant-garde mixture of street fashion and designer couture has resulted in the creation of exciting trends that for the first time, truly match the lifestyles and needs of real people.

With this fashion revolution around us, and with the abundance of street style inspiration in every corner, how could a girl not be a fashionista today? This spring, kick up that high fashion edge with these ready-to-wear basics, and remember, florals are ALWAYS an option.

The 'Must' Above All 'Musts'

One of the things every woman – from A-listers to models to writers – simply must have in her closet is a great leather biker jacket. Ideal for almost every occasion, this baby is a spring staple. Whether you choose to rock it with and athletic look, a floral skirt or a tight black dress, this gem can go from edgy to elegant in the blink of an eye. There are very few pieces that allow such versatility, so if you don't own one, Zara is just around the corner!  believe us, life will be so much more fashionable once this piece enters your life.

Athleisure Reinvented  

Athleisure has gone from runways to the streets in no time, and has quickly become one of the most popular off-duty looks for supermodels and 'real gals' alike. We're thinking our favorite killer sister duo (Bella and Gigi) had something to do with it. The trend has taken the streets by a storm, and can looks absolutely fantastic with the right amount of class, sensuality and style. If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you know it can even be a bit over the top, but very wearable nonetheless. One of our favorite looks is the one carried by Gigi when she combined an incredible long blazer, a chic tote and trendy white sneakers – this beauty knows what's up!

Stripes & Bare Shoulders

Ever since Coco Chanel made fishermen's uniforms into runway couture, stripes have been a statement pattern in the world of fashion. season after season they are there, sometimes in full shine, sometimes lurking behind the corner, but ever-present. This season, the comeback is strong, and more exciting than ever! Designers like Valentino, Rosie Assoulin and Banana Republic have shown stripes some serious love in this year's spring collections, and you can see the influence of millennials in every single one of them. Is ready-to-wear the new couture?

All combos are fabulous, but personally, we would die for the bold stripe-on-stripe combination seen in Rosie Assoulin's designs. Off-the-shoulder tops are also a prime example of runway-to-street pieces that are looking to dominate this season. If your wardrobe is in serious shortage of stripy and off-shoulder items, there are amazing women’s tops online, so what are you waiting for? Start your shopping with these runway-approved garments!

Bohemian Like You

We believe Coachella may be to thank, but the boho style has never been stronger. These days and with this lovely weather, there are virtually thousands of inspirational boho styles to choose from, especially if you're a Pinterest gal – which at this point, you should be. Earthy hues, bright statement jewelry, flowy dresses and dream-catcher inspired tops – if there ever was a boho season to look forward to, it is this one. So if you, golden lady, are a free-spirited adventure-loving gal, this is your time to shine!

Bright and Vivid

If you were in awe of Beyoncé’s flashy-yet-fabulous yellow dress in her 'Hold Up' music video, and you secretly longed for that curvy silhouette and that sexy confidence, well, now you can have it all. This season, every rainbow hue is in – with 'millennial pink', honey yellow being out go-to choices. So let those legs out and strut away!

Ladies of the ‘80s

For those of you old-school gals obsessed with the cool-girl vibes of the ‘80s, well this is your lucky year. Electric blues and bright reds, double-breasted blazers and metallic frocks, they are all back and looking better than ever. We're not sure that office life has caught up with the trend yet, but for street style and nightclub chicness, it is perfection. 

Get it, gorgeous!

Article written by Claire Hastings, edited by Rosa Sanchez. 

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