Glam Ideas For Creative Decluttering

Glam Ideas For Creative Decluttering

For a classy girl like you, there’s no need to fear the process of decluttering. Believe it or not, storage tweaks don't have to mean getting rid of your prized possessions. On the contrary, if you truly value all your bits and bobs, a mess-free home with designated places for all your jazzy trinkets is exactly what you need. 

Check out these innovative storage solutions and get glamming!

Boast That Bling

When it comes to your opulent bling, why not show it off without taking up counter space? While storing it in a nice vintage jewelry box is fine and dandy, it won’t solve the clutter problem inside. If you have enough wall space, consider using a cork board (painted in your favorite off-white of metallic color) as a hanging display for all your necklaces and bracelets. You can also check out some old-school cookie stands/towers. With a coat of metallic paint, these will turn into magnificent jewelry holders, and will fit perfectly with your modern-princess aesthetic.

Get Yourself An Ottoman

A luxe ottoman is key to avoiding the clutter and spicing up the room. Not only does this piece provide an extra level of luxury, but it can also be used as an extra seat, counter top and storage space! In my opinion, these babies are especially perfect for storing all your favorite fashion and beauty magazines – which can start looking like a mess if placed elsewhere. If you’re more of a crafty artiste and less of a Pottery Barn shopper, you can also look up some ottoman DIYs which can allow you to create something truly personal. Whatever you decide, this cheeky organizational hack will make your fashionable reading room look cozy as a cloud and glamorous as royalty. 

Bring Out The Royalty

Wooden chests and trunks are not only relevant in fairytale treasure hunts and adventure lands. If the era of Jane Austen means anything to you, then you know how incredible a wooden chest can look in an ultra-posh setting. Depending on your style, you can find the perfect piece at places such as Pier 1 Imports, Wayfair, Pottery Barn or even vintage flee markets around Brooklyn. Once you find it, place this fabulous chest in front of your bed, or use it as a coffee table in the living room. Watch how this one gorgeous piece immediately transforms the entire look of your bedroom. To up the elegance, make sure to look for trunks with intricate carvings and/or gold details. You can jazz them up yourself with a bit of paint and decoupage as well. Anyhow, a trunk live this will effectively take care of all the excess clutter that’s currently making a mess in your bedroom or dining area, all while looking positively stunning.

Glam Up The Kitchen

To be honest, as long as you make sure to regularly clean and store your dishes and utensils, these shouldn’t contribute much to the overall mess. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for everything else! Let’s face it, your kitchen shelves probably look like a hot circusy mess. And, in all honesty, there aren't many way to make tea boxes, spice bags and other wrinkled packages look chic int he kitchen. To start the glam, clean up everything and get yourself some nice mason jars and gold stickers. Fill the jars with your teas, spices and other necessary bits – then, add a sticker and label them with a white permanent marker. How cute is your kitchen now? 

Go With A Theme

Don’t start with the premise that you’ll have to get rid of something – begin the decor by deciding on your ideal interior design theme. Let your creative spirit flow when planning out the initial look. Find your perfect style and see what you can do to make it all come together. You may be left with certain pieces that simply don’t match your dream home – this will make it easier for you to put the odd bits away in mobile self storage units, or even donate them if you’re sure you won’t be needing them any longer. Regardless of whether you like shabby-chic, Barbie modern, Japandi or any other interior style, remember to keep your eye on your ideal theme and end goal. That way, you’ll be able to calmly say goodbye to the old, and stay focused on renewing your little piece of heaven. 

Good luck ladies!

Article written by Stacey Cooper, edited by Rosa Sanchez.

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