5 Steps To a Chic & Eco-Friendly Earth Day

5 Steps To a Chic & Eco-Friendly Earth Day

In our minds, every day is Earth Day, but being honest, how much time do we really take each day to appreciate Mother Nature and the organic beauty that lies around us? The answer is: not enough. This April 22nd is our chance to celebrate the green! Here we've included a few haute spots, brands, drinks and goodies to enjoy this Friday while making a toast to the wonderful world we live in. 

Where To Go

Paradisus Punta Cana Resort and Paradisus Playa del Carmen Resort

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by spending our weekend outdoors breathing in nature? Luxurious yet nature-friendly, the Paradisus Resorts are our five-star hotels of choice for a haute earthy weekend getaway. Both the Punta Cana and the Playa del Carmen locations offer year-round programs to educate their guests about the importance of our natural environment, plus the Playa resort has recently been named a "GreenLeader" and achieved Platinum status! How excited are you?

Some incredible outdoor activities the Punta Cana resort is known for include:

The Mangrove Tour: Offered as one of their several "Life Enriching Activities", this delightful tour takes guests through the different species of mangroves within the property as well as into the resort's very own green house!

Leatherback Sea Turtle Preservation: The precious Leatherback sea turtles of Punta Cana lay their eggs – each year – on the ample beaches near the resort. Last year, the eggs were protected and successfully hatched; 70 leatherback hatchlings made it to sea! During this year's turtle season, the hotel will help protect these eggs once again. Don't miss out, it is a magical experience.

Environmentally-Minded Kid Activities: If you're traveling with children, let them express themselves creatively through eco-friendly arts and crafts organized with recycled materials or help them get in touch with nature with recreational activities such as bicycle tours or outdoor games. The property's ample gardens and beaches are a great place for kids to play and enjoy the tropical breeze. 

We're tree huggers and we love it, plus who says Earth lovers can't be fashionable? Los Angeles based fine jewelry brand, Vrai & Oro is bringing us the two things we love most: nature and luxury style. With the philosophy that fashion shouldn’t be disposable, Vrai & Oro's designs are timeless, sophisticated and made with the highest quality materials. Creating beautiful and delicate pieces made of flawless gold, the brand believes that consumers deserve to know where and how their products came about. Due to this wonderful concept, Vrai & Oro’s products are made ethically and responsibly; meaning that the brand uses only 14k solid gold and ethically sourced diamonds (at least S12 grade or higher). In the spirit of helping local markets, these fine jewelers work only with USA based manufacturers with ethical labor practices. We're loving it.

TOMS + Oceana

TOMS is always ahead of the game when it comes to philanthropy and saving our planet. This time, the brand has partnered with Oceana in order to help support its critical advocacy work to protect sea turtles and other marine life. The adorable limited edition footwear collection (which features the artsy shoe from above) is inspired by the sea and available with proceeds going directly to Oceana!. We can't wait to shop the collection and help save lives!

How To Glam

Trust Fund Beauty

Wearing makeup and helping out nature somehow seem like two contradictory things, don't they? Well, they no longer have to be. Trust Fund Beauty products are made with love in the USA and EU and are always completely Vegan and Cruelty-free. Not only will you be protecting yourself from toxic chemicals when using these products, you will also be protecting the environment and supporting honest, cruelty-free businesses. Indie cosmetics are here to stay girls! Try out these edgy new polishes while you're out and about in nature this exciting earthy weekend!

VirginN Mineral Makeup

Ready to get the organic, natural beauty look you've always wanted? VirginN is here and it's got it all. Created by Tonja Lee-Valdez, a top licensed aesthetician and spa expert with thirteen years of experience in skincare, VirginN Pure is made without any harmful chemicals or additives! Their products' unique formula delivers proven results with gentle, skin-friendly and organically sourced ingredients such as micronized titanium and Silica providing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. This way, you'll get both full protection and full coverage without the dangerous chemicals or unfortunate skin reactions. VirginN's mineral foundation naturally moisturizes skin with its silk and rice protein while at the same time controlling excess skin oil – best of both worlds! Embrace your natural beauty and shop for your spring essentials at VirginN!

What To Drink

Marlee's Green Tea Whiskey  

Ok so maybe these delicious drinks aren't as eco-friendly as the rest of our Earth Day goodies, but they are still made of fresh natural ingredients, and plus, you need something to sip on at the beach! Marlee’s green tea is packed with energy, antioxidants and a unique flavor that makes and excellent compliment to whiskey – perfect for a tanning day at Paradisus. This tasty Green Tea Whiskey has all the sweet goodness and health benefits of Green Tea but with a touch of fun! What can you find inside a bottle of Marlee's, you ask? American Rye Whiskey, Gunpowder Green Tea and Organic Mexican Blue Agave. That's all! See, we told you it was natural.

Hard Arnold Palmer: 

  • Marlee's Green Tea Whiskey
  • Add your favorite lemonade to taste
  • Pour over ice and enjoy!

Moscow Mule with a Twist:

  • Marlee's Green Tea Whiskey
  • Add Ginger beer to taste
  • Pour over ice and enjoy!

Enjoy these simple cocktails by the beach, pool, garden or in your relaxing hammock and have an amazing Earth Day. Stay green!

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