Okeechobee Festival: Style Recap

Okeechobee Festival: Style Recap

Once upon a time (March 4-6) in a land far far away (Okeechobee, Florida) there was a music and arts festival that blew our artsy minds. Was it the exciting lineup of much-loved DJs and indy up-and-comers? Was it the juicy chicken kebabs and the grass-filled camping grounds or possibly the vibrant art installations and hippy fashion? Yes, it was all of that and much more which made this festival the experience of a lifetime. 


When asked to cover this festival, the first thing that came to mind was ‘camping?’ I am certainly no expert camper, in fact the idea has always partially terrified me, but I figured... I like art and music and fashion, so why not? My main focus while there – other than sipping on twelve dollar wine and bouncing up and down to Skrillex – was of course to spot fashion and style trends. If you’re a festival gal you probably know the type of clothes people wear to events such as this one: flower crowns, cut-off booty shorts, strappy sandals and neon sunglasses… possibly accessorized with a giant can of Corona? 

I was looking for signs of something different. My biggest discoveries? glow-in-the-dark fur coats and the return of the light-up sneakers.

I was pretty content with both. 

I spotted a few stylish gals in the area. All were very different, which in my mind was a sign that the festival – on its first year – reached a great and varied audience. Well done Okeechobee! 

Here you have you girl next door beauty. She loves music, nature beach hair and probably FAGE yogurt, but her casual camping style in on point. Jean jacket, earth stone accessories, vintage floral blouse – we approve, certainly refreshing. Excuse the porta potties.  

Then there are of course your hula girls, yet these particular ones were much edgier than the classics. From left to right: Esmeralda-inspired world traveler, Hamptons princess in the wild, aerobic mind-reader with hula. All looking festival fab. I thanked them for keeping things interesting.

Look at this playful wild flower! She may have been sticking to the basics in terms of clothing but this Okeechobee gal was surely stepping up her beauty game with tight french braids and bedazzled neon makeup. On her hand and arm we see signs of metallic tats and an intricate design in light-brown henna.

Hippie super chic queens of the festival waved us goodbye. It was real, Okeechobee, let's do it again soon!

Photos by Rodrigo Tasca & Rosa Sanchez
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