A Golden Girl's Guide to Wine Shopping

Wine is the drink of the Gods – and of classy girls everywhere! A good vino can be enjoyed over dinner or lunch, during winter or summer. It can be sipped on in the presence of royalty or on a lazy Tuesday while watching Netflix. Versatility is one of this drink’s best qualities, yet it is still very important to know its complex backstory – at the very least so that you know which bottle to buy at the liquor store...

Halloween In NYC: Places To Go, Drinks To Drink!

New Yorkers do everything at the last minute – including Halloween, it seems! This weekend, be sure to spend your nights sipping on the spookiest drinks in town at the swankiest local hotspots. Check out our list of cocktails, lounges, party venues and recipes, and put on that superwoman mask for a Halloweekend you'll never forget. 

Eat, Drink & Wave Goodbye To Summer At These NYC Hotspots

If Labor Day Weekend simply slipped your mind this year and you're out and about searching for last minute plans in NYC, here they are! With pumpkin season coming and beach season ending, we've created a short and sweet list of what to do, where to stay and what to eat this Holiday Weekend! Check it out and have a happy work-free Monday!

Your Faultless Guide To A Modern Father's Day

Dads today are more than just "the heads of the house" – they're gourmet cooks, active family men, travel fanatics, and staycation lovers just like us! In influencer Brianne Manz's words, "the millennial dad likes to be pampered, goes to brunch, and has a little rosé with his BBQ." So this Father's Day, let's give our modern dads the cool, swanky celebration they deserve. 

Your Golden Guide To The Perfect At-Home Date Night

For those chill romantics who are thinking of surprising Bae with a super-fab, ultra-yum, intimate-as-f*** at-home dinner, we’re here to help. From the scented candles you need to adorn your bathtub to the Salmon breakfast you just have to try, we’ve got everything you need to make this V-day bomb as ever...

Travel Pointers and Alternatives to Make Your Solo Trip Extra Special

Solo traveling can bring to light certain experiences that more likely than not, will end up being wonderfully life-altering – leaving you with memories that you'll cherish forever. While planning your first trip can be quite scary at first, it’s likely that once you put your heart into it you’ll discover a completely different side of you – one that you're sure to be fascinated by.