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Everything Will Be OK with Milk Tea

Sisters spend time shopping together, can not buy clothes, but can not buy milk tea; go to the cinema can not eat popcorn, but can not buy milk tea; when you lose weight, you can give up pork belly and small cake, but can not buy milk tea .

Everything Will Be OK with Milk Tea

When people began to use the word to describe milk tea, they were basically not far from the addict. For the heavy tea syndrome, when the first milk tea was wrapped in pearls and sucked into the mouth, milk tea was their life. Light and the fire of desire.

In the eyes of real milk tea lovers, not what is done in the tea shop is not enough to be called milk tea. Even if it is connected to the earth, it will be useless.

It must be that the tea shop master has personally prepared it with love, and has collided with the ingenious hand in the shaker to be regarded as a cup of milk tea with soul.

When you look up at the menu in front of the counter, turn over the netizen recommendation, do not know which flavor to choose, Gao Ding players have stood up in front of the counter, calmly and quietly report on the menu: milk cover oolong tea half Sugar less ice pearls replaced by fairy grass, thank you.

This is the same as the legendary Starbucks hidden menu and bar collection specialties. It is the status symbol of advanced players and is the spiritual black card of milk tea addicts.

If you have come to this store for the first time, so nervous, how can you pretend to be a frequent question, go to Weibo and pick one of the many Raiders to ensure the effect of the group.

But it is a drink, why can’t I just let it go? Countless people who have lost weight have once cried and threw this soul torture.

As a kind of food, it is not much more, just enough to fill the gap between lunch and dinner. It is not very hungry, but inexplicably is the time to want something to eat.

A cup of ideal milk tea, the milk cover can be relieved, the tea bottom can quench your thirst, the pearl coconut fruit grass can be filled with a small round, and you can use the chewing pearl as an excuse to not talk, quietly wasting a beautiful afternoon.

It is said that sweets can make people feel happy, so the sweet and lovely food like milk tea is the happiness of perfect score.

The hot air of the hot milk tea in winter is happy. The summer ice cubes are happy to hit the fingertips through the plastic cup. It is happiness to share a straw with the pair of people who are in pairs. It is also a happy one for a single dog.

In a time when there is a new day of mourning, in the snips of homework papers and classes, the happiness we can buy with money is very rare. If you can buy short but real happiness for a little money, why should you refuse? 

Therefore, don’t worry too much about persuading others that milk tea is bad for the body. It is true that milk tea has high sugar content and trans fatty acids. If you drink too much, you will be drunk. It is indeed a weight loss killer but you really want to maintain your body and still drink milk tea. 

The more you fall, the more you are happy, the more indulgent and more stimulating. If the remaining reason persuaded us to quit milk tea, we will lose our sense of reason and lose weight.

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