Nail Tips from Essie's Head Manicurist Josephine Allen

Nail Tips from Essie's Head Manicurist Josephine Allen

We are obsessed with beauty routines and all that that entails. We love eyebrow kits, moisturizers, facials, a good mascara and long-lasting lip tint but our biggest obsession? Nails. Essie – being the star of the nail universe and all – has got some exciting new colors to rock this spring, and we could not be more excited to share them with you. Of course they have adorable names also, which are as cute as the tones themselves. We chatted with top Essie Manicurist Josephine Allen and she gave us some pro tips on nail care and an inside scoop on the Essie polishes we should be wearing this season. Take a look!

TLIG: In your opinion, what are the best Essie colors of the season?

E: Lounge Lover and High Class Affair are great spring colors from the latest Essie collection. Like Essie's latest spring polish tag line, they are "for between the sand and the sea." 

L-R: Lounge Lover, High Class Affair 

L-R: Lounge LoverHigh Class Affair 

TLIG: What nail shape trends are in for spring?

E: Nail shape trends depend on shape of nails and individual preference.

* In our opinion though, we're loving the elongated coffin-shaped nails in pretty pastels and earthy mattes, but that's just us. 

TLIG: What must we do to take care of our manicure?

E: Add one coat of Good to Go Essie top coat every other day for a longer lasting manicure.The Essie Cuticle pen and apricot cuticle oil are highly recommended to be used every night to refresh and revitalize nails and cuticles.

TLIG:  What would you suggest to keep our nails healthy?

E: Tips for healthy nails include applying cream on your hands and cuticles regularly. Do not buff on top of nails either, as this can cause damage.

TLIG: What new nail art trends have you seen arising lately?

E: Rhinestone nail art, off-center stripes and contrasting hue on ring finger.


Get ready to show off those Essie-polished beauties ladies! Spring is here and our fingertips are begging for glam. 

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