Minimalist Socialite Hacks For A Clean 2017

Minimalist Socialite Hacks For A Clean 2017

First, let us tell you that we're not the type of girls that necessarily believe in strict cleanses, or month-long retreats, we do however believe that the cleaner we live, the better our minds and bodies will feel... and TBH that's just science! This year, we're opting for the minimalist lifestyle. This doesn't mean that we'll be painting our entire house white and wearing only tees and sweatpants for the rest of the year – we're still planning on being the social butterflies you know and love – we're simply saying that it's time to start keeping things simple: narrowing our necessities down to only the things that matter...

As you all know, when living in New York, keeping it simple is not always an option.  What with daily social events, endless club and restaurant openings, new interesting faces at every turn – it's often hard to remain grounded and keep our "needs" to a minimum. For example, we at Golden love to spend our Thursdays writing and planning out our next projects with our creative friends. Other days we'll get together and organize photoshoots, or sweat it up at a morning gym sesh, or spend countless hours brainstorming at our favorite coffeehouse. On Sundays, we like to sleep in and sip on Bloody Marys and attend sporadic midtown soirées or midnight fashion extravaganzas in underground warehouses. It comes with the age and it comes with the city (and we love it!) but in the midst of the chaos it's always crucial to keep ourselves level-headed, productive and organized. Check out our Minimalist-Socialite roundup and start your new year off right.

Yum Yum Yum

Clean eating is no secret – it's also quite simple and extremely rewarding. So why doesn't everyone do it? Because it's easier not to. Eating out, ordering in, picking on bar food and snacking on junk food are just some of the things we tend to do out of convenience but which are actually harming our bodies, lowering our energies and contaminating our skin. No matter your personal beliefs, every health expert agrees that the easiest way to overall wellness is: 1. eating clean 2. exercising regular,y 3. eliminating stress from your life. So first things first! Drink your water, eat your veggies, enjoy your lean protein and read these books – they may just change your habits, if not your life. 

Shopaholics Anonymous

There's been endless articles, talk-shows, books and infomercials on the importance of decluttering – especially when beginning a new year – and starting clean. Whether you're an Oprah fanatic or just a normal girl with too much clothes, there's infinite expert tips that you can follow to learn to live with less. Personally, we like to start with the closet and the proceed to the kitchen, living room etc. 

Closet: Choose a few (10-20) items that you haven't worn in the last six months and donate them to charity – or a thrift shop. Don't think twice. If you haven't worn it recently, you probably don't even like it. 

Kitchen: Start with your fridge and end with your pantry. Nobody needs those stale cheerios you've been keeping around. Once you're done, get yourself a broom, a mop, a stack of antibacterial wipes and start cleaning!

Living room: Get a box and fill it with any unused books, useless artifacts, old decorations or random shenanigans that may be lying around your apartment. The less you think about it, the easier it will be and the better you'll feel. Start fresh and let it go! 

Busy Bee

Life happens and responsibilities arise, but why not take each challenge with a grain of salt and learn to organize yourself the right way? Here's a few apps we've recently become obsessed with and which will surely help you in both your professional and personal lives. 

Things: the 2017 version of a killer to-do list, Things is the one organizational app all of us busy ladies should be using. Goodbye post-it notes, hello perfect schedule.

Shapr: with millennial entrepreneurs on the rise and innovative startups in every corner, Shapr is the app that connects the most ambitious of individuals to those who can help. Acting as a Tinder for business, this app opens the door to exciting collaborations and meaningful  professional relationships.

Headspace: when times get tough and anxiety gets real, take a few seconds to yourself and download Headspace. This amazing on-the-go meditation app – apart from being adorable and producing great daily health/wellness content on their blog – will keep you level-headed no matter how crazy your schedule may get. Do it for your mental health. There's no way you'll regret it. 

Out On The Town

Sometimes a girl needs a cocktail, and when that time comes, think: clean, low-cal and simple. Personally, we like to mix up our Belvedere vodka with a few classic citruses, herbs and fresh juices. Fresh, almost-healthy and party-ready, these four drinks are ideal for a minimalist late night pick-me-up.  

Have fun and think clean!

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