5 Products You Need For Flawless Holiday Hair

5 Products You Need For Flawless Holiday Hair

Because bad hair days are not on our Holiday wish-lists, we've packed our bags full of our favorite products for the season. From natural serums to luxurious salon shampoos and conditioners, we've got everything we need to make this year's celebrations absolutely stunning, glamorous and Insta-worthy.

Try them out for yourselves and let your manes shine under the winter sun!

Salon AKS Products

The infamous Upper Manhattan salon known by many for its glamorous decor, intricate cuts, sophisticated styling and killer blowouts, is also a winner in the game of hair products, and even has its own line of high-end goodies. On our visit to this Hollywood-style salon, we were able to try out a few of their incredible products: Salon AKS Color Care Shampoo, Salon AKS Color Care Protein Conditioner and – our stylist, Drew's personal favorite – the Salon AKS "Make it Smooth" Serum. Let us tell you, that after getting bathed in these dreamy products, our hair shone for days with nothing but a little dry shampoo to keep the strands gleaming. When you're in the neighborhood, stop by this iconic salon and ask Drew for her recommended products. Your glossy locks will thank you. 

Clear Dry Shampoo by Marc Anthony

11048_xlarge copy.jpg

Speaking of dry shampoo, celebrity stylist Marc Anthony's Clear Dry Shampoo is ideal for those days when your hair needs a product detox. Every girl knows it's not healthy to wash our hair every day – especially if we're not using plenty of moisturizing products to save it from breaking. This dry shampoo is perfect for just that, and it doesn't even leave residue! A true life-saver on those late mornings, post-party weekends or even on ultra-glam party nights when you just want a little more volume – this bomb spray is a must.

Gold 'N Hot Styling Tools

SBS-255135 copy.jpg

Perfect hair means perfect tools, which is why all you Golden Ladies are in need of some Gold 'N Hot swag. Offering top-of-the-line straighteners, curlers, blow dryers and more, this trendy beauty brand is a favorite between city gals and beach babes alike. 

NIUCOCO Renewing Hair Serum

We all know coconut oil is a miracle worker when it comes to beauty, health and wellness – but when applied to hair, it is so much more! Providing our long strands with all the vitamins, proteins, oils and minerals that they need to shine their brightest, NIUCOCO's serum is the life-changing product we all need to get our hair to its Caribbean princesses status – even during this cold city winter.  

iRestore Hair Growth Serum

Not that our shining locks will begin to fade anytime soon, but it's always nice to have a guarantee, which is why we like to keep our strands voluminous and strong with iRestore's adorable growth serum. Twice a day, simply apply a few drops to your scalp, massage gently and voilà! 

Channel those Rapunzel vibes ladies, it's time for a good hair-Holiday.

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