10 Tips To Keep You Motivated & Fit For Summer

10 Tips To Keep You Motivated & Fit For Summer

Making exercise a priority in your New Year’s resolutions is one thing, but staying committed and actually enjoying the fitness journey is something else entirely. No matter what your fitness strategy may be, everyone needs a workout boost every once in a while. To keep your feet moving and your energy high, we’ve created a list of crucial steps every gal should follow in order to reach their ultimate workout goals. Check them out!

1. Sign a commitment contract

And yes, you’ll need witnesses to make it count. From a psychological perspective, it takes a while before your workout regimen becomes a solid part of your lifestyle. And to avoid skipping training sessions for the sake of a attending a later dinner or weekday happy hour, it’s always smart to make a commitment, with the help of a close friend, promising to sacrifice something for every training session you skip. This can be as simple as not getting to pamper yourself with lesser for the weekend, or missing out on some Sunday morning shopping. The choice is yours, but the more seriously you take your commitment, the easier it will be to include your fitness goals into your daily routine. 

2. Prep a pre-workout ritual

A simple workout schedule and a set of exercises may not necessarily be enough to get you off the couch. Yet if you assign a set time around that particular activity, then you’ll create a whole set of healthy habits to support your new choice. Have a pre-workout menu, experiment with workout playlists to motivate you, and pack your gear the night before.

3. Make your room workout-friendly

Surrounding yourself with fitness-inspired items will help you keep up with your regime even on those days when you can’t make it to the gym. First of all, make a fallback plan of exercises you can perform at home, and always keep your yoga mat, pilates ball or weights in sight. 

4. Build a fun routine

Not everyone loves lifting iron or getting dirty on a rainy day while jogging in the park. Base your weekly routine on those activities you’ll actually enjoy. You can even have a test period where you try out different classes and routines before you decide on your favorite. Zumba, spinning, swimming, HIIT, and martial arts are all incredible workout options!

5. Get that new workout gear

It might seem too simple to be true, but little things such as those cute workout tights and tops can help you boost your desire to head back to the gym. Seeing yourself wear your favorite fitness wear and imagining your new physique a few months away in that same outfit can have a tremendous impact on your motivation as you attempt to achieve your fitness goals. 

6. Go outside

You don’t have to be a drill sergeant when it comes to fulfilling your obligation. If it’s a sunny day, you can spend your workout time outside doing something different, fun and equally strenuous on your body, such as volleyball on the beach, rollerblading, jogging or biking in nature. In fact, an occasional change can help both your body and your mind stay motivated and in track!

7. Subscribe to a fitness blog

It takes more than an occasional fitness model photo to keep you going – useful information, educational tips and motivational videos will maintain and increase your desire to a much greater extent. It doesn’t matter whether you’d prefer to read a blog or follow a YouTube channel, but following those who have mastered the art of healthy life can help you define your goals and find the best ways to reach them.

8. Measure your progress

For those who aren’t athletic by nature or have never lead an active life, it will take a while before you can see the visual effects of your workout and your diet, and that might feel a bit discouraging. This is why you should keep a weekly journal with your weight changes, and your achievements. It can be a new technique or a new lift, increasing weight on the barbell, or running that extra mile, but keeping track of your progress with milestones helps you have a realistic view of how far you’ve come, and how far you still wish to go.

9. Remember your initial drive

Why did you embark on this fitness journey in the first place? Whether you want to fit in those jeans or lose a few pounds to manage your blood pressure, anything that triggered your decision at the beginning of your journey is important to remember when you’re reaching the end. During moments of self-doubt, reminding yourself of this key reason can prevent you from throwing in the towel.

10. Reward yourself

Sometimes it’s tough to power through that hardcore CrossFit session merely for the long-term merits you won’t be able to taste for a while. Instead, if you make it a habit to treat yourself to a healthy smoothie, watch your favorite movie, or take a relaxing bubble bath after a successful training session, you can always have a short-term reward to look forward to after a good workout. And these small treats can make all the difference! 

Article written by Nicole Noel, edited by Rosa Sanchez. 

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