Fit, Tan & Fabulous: Your 3-Step Guide To Looking Your Best For The Holidays

Fit, Tan & Fabulous: Your 3-Step Guide To Looking Your Best For The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us, and it seems that with our busy schedules, there's never enough time to prepare! First there's buying plane tickets and taking days off work, then there's shopping for presents for the entire family, and then there's prepping ourselves to look our best for our Holiday Christmas card. We can't help you much with the first two, but we can certainly give you three easy steps to follow so that you look fit, tan and fabulous when you rock that red ugly sweater. 

Get your booty in shape at Life Time!


The chicest club in all NYC is here to make you sweat! Apart from offering a variety of exciting classes, this luxurious fitness center also boasts an incredible spa, where you can relax and replenish after your workout. 


Whether you're a swimmer, a jogger, a dancer or a heavy-weight lifter, Life Time's got it all – and more! Even if you're not yet certain which exercise is right for you, you can always step in and try out the classes for yourself before committing to a full membership! To tone up your pre-holiday body, we recommend: Warrior SculptGluteus Maxout and WTRX. Meditation, yoga and dance classes are also available for both newbies and total pros!


As for the spa, the VIP club's on-site faciliy offers everything from detoxifying massages and chemical peels to professional salon hair treatments and mani-pedis. Spend a day at Life Time, and you'll come out a whole new woman!

Get golden at Gotham Glow!

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Many gals think getting a spray tan means standing in a dark booth and getting sticky orange body paint thrown at you from all sides. Those gals are wrong. At Gotham Glow, every tan is designed to fit the client and her specific bodytype, skin tone and needs.

As you step into the elegant studio space, a professional technician greets you. She then shows you a list of glow options available to you, depending on what you're looking to emphasize or flaunt. If you're getting ready to go on a week-long vacation to Bali, for example, you may want a more sculpted, hazel tan than someone who is looking to get a light shimmer before an office Chirstmas party. It is all based on the individual, and thanks to the facility's unparalleled services, the entire experience is extremely unique and personalized. 


Once you choose your glow, you stand in your own large curtain booth, adorned with only a full-body mirror and a set of fans to dry you off in the end. You remove your clothes and follow your technician's orders as she sprays you with her own aribrush gun.

One of the many reasons why a tan from Gotham Glow is undeniably greater than a tan from other commercial tanning salons, is because the product itself is applied on you by a technician who focuses on shaping the pigment. By manipulating the direction and intensity of the glow formula, she is able to make you look slimmer, more toned and healthier! Who doesn't want that? 


For a perfect Holiday tan, check out Gotham Glow's top three services, and choose for yourself!

  • Gotham Glow "Sunkissed": Perfect for the winter months, this tan is a sunny pick-me-up to get rid of those gloomy winter blues. If you're looking for that straight-out-of-vacation look to shine bright during the Holiday season, this is the glow for you.
  • Micro Glow: Known at GG as "makeup for the body," this tan has a very light, shimmery finish that – according to the brand's founder – just looks like you've been taking a whole lot of vitamins. If what you want is an even, fresh shine, this is the glow for you.
  • Express Tan: One of their most popular options, this tan allows you to rinse the product off in half the time that you would the others. If what you want is to sport a beach babe glow for an upcoming party, wedding or photoshoot, leave it on for about 4 hours before showering. If you want a lighter tone, leave it on for 2 or 3.

As if that weren't enough, Gotham Glow also offers incredible Gift Cards. For the person who already has everything, give them the gift of glow! Add some cute and comfy joggers from the brand's clothing line, and you're all set! #Staygolden.

Pamper your skin with Nubian Heritage and Nyakio's winter essentials!

What is the point of being fit, tan and relaxed when your skin is a total mess? With Nubian Heritage and Nyakio's natural beauty and wellness products, your glamorous glow will last you weeks, and your sexy curves will shine bright – even under those Holiday layers.

Both brands offer culturally authentic skincare products made with only natural ingredients, and never tested on animals. The Nyakio skincare collection features a five-step regimen: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Restore, Moisturize and Treat. Each one of its products is made with this system in mind, and when applied to your skin, work to hydrate, revitalize, smooth and provide anti-aging benefits!


Some our faves:

  • Kenyan Coffee Face Polish (Nyakio)
  • African Black Soap Purifying Mud Mask (Nyakio)
  • Baobab Lip Balm (Nyakio)
  • Coconut Papaya Soap (NH)
  • Abyssinian Oil & Chia Seed Bath Bombs (NH)

Stay gorgeous & have a Merry Christmas!


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