6 Cool Girl Beauty Staples To Master This Summer

6 Cool Girl Beauty Staples To Master This Summer

Beauty trends are fleeting, so much so that often when we look back at our old-school makeup looks we feel downright silly, (remember the over-plucked eyebrows in the 2000s?) however, every now and then a brave lady sports a new look that is quickly labeled as a classic. Pretty soon every cool girl is rocking the look, until of course, a new one comes along to sweep it away. For this season, we're re-living every must-have cool girl beauty staple, so stick around and get ready to flaunt those lashes!

1. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner, otherwise known as the “cat eye” is probably one of the most iconic beauty trends in history. It is believed that even Cleopatra wore it, since the Egyptians believed such eye makeup was the way to ward off the “evil eye”. It eventually made its way to Hollywood and onto the eyes of the stars of the 1950s such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor. It has lived on until this day, even surviving whole generations of questionable eye makeup choices – ‘80s glitters, we’re looking at you. From icon to icon the winged liner arrived onto the eyes of Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, and yourself! If you’re cool enough.

2. Red Lipstick

Red lips goes back in history during the era of the risqué cat eye. In the Middle Ages this style was condemned, while in the Renaissance it became a key token in modern day fashion. In the 1930s Vogue declared lipstick “the most important cosmetic for women” and in the ‘50s it began being seen as a compliment to the winged liner. Today, it is just as chic. A bold red lip is the perfect touch of class – or sass – a cool girl beauty look needs. 

3. French Manicure

The beauty world is a fan of all-things French, so we're not surprised that this look has stood the test of time and remained a must among elegant beauty styles. Due to its neutral appearance, a gleaming french manicure goes well with any outfit on any occasion. Despite ever-changing nail trends, celebrities still rock the white tips. If you don't believe us, as our girl Rihanna – she always knows best. 

4. Smokey Eye

Believe it or not, we owe this trend to Egyptians too. This classic beauty look gives our eyes passion and intrigue, providing curious onlookers with a haute stare they will never be able to resist. It is one of the most sought-after looks for evening parties, weddings, and – in soft palettes – even elegant work days. Depending on the tones you use, the smokey eye can be a daily go-to look for a cool girl like you. 

5. Fake Lashes

Although eyelashes can seem like a small detail compared to crimson lips or dramatic cat eyes, they can certainly be equally if not more dramatic, if you use them well. Long eyelashes have always been considered a symbol of beauty, and to be honest, we totally get why. Remember fashion icon Twiggy's elongated black lashes? In our minds, there is nothing sexier than that. While these days the drama has gone a bit down in terms of lash length, natural fake lashes are still very much part of every-day beauty. So if you haven't already, take a look at a few tutorial videos (we said A FEW) and bang those babies out! Your sexy wink will seduce them all! 

6. Full Brows

Now, some women love this Cara DeLevingne-inspired look and some don’t, but can we all agree that it is far better than the over-plucked eyebrows ladies had in the early 2000s? A perfect set of brows helps frame the face, and depending on your hair color, a great brow pen can add edge to an otherwise natural look.

Love our cool girl beauty classics? Let us know in the comments below!

Article written by Claire Hastings, edited by Rosa Sanchez. 

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