5 Washer/Dryer Hacks That'll Save Your Activewear

5 Washer/Dryer Hacks That'll Save Your Activewear

Let’s face it, activewear is pricy – and with out newfound love for athleisure, we can’t afford to ruin our favorite sports bra in the washer. But at the same time, wearing smelly gym gear during “me” time or to Sunday brunch with friends is simply not an option, so what do we do? Mistakes to avoid when washing our gym clothes are pretty basic – though most of us don’t even realize we’re making them. Just a few tweaks to our everyday routine can save us quite a bit of (shopping) time and (spending) money in the long run. So why not give it a go? Check out these super easy steps below and keep rocking those yoga pants girl!

Tip 1: Read the tag

Not all clothes can be washed the same. Some pieces may need to be hand-washed, while others must be hung to dry. Then there’s those that can be put in the washer and dryer without a care in the world – but those are the exception! Don’t just guess; read the label.

Tip 2: Wash the odors away

Workout odors can be nose-scrunchingly tough to deal with. Which is why adding Febreze in-wash Odor Eliminator to your wash is beyond essential. This miracle liquid will instantly wash away all odors – so that the only memories of hot yoga you have are in those sore glutes.

Tip 3: Be gentle with dry-fit clothing

Fabric softener and dryer sheets cannot be used on every type of fabric. If you’re washing or drying your delicate workout gear along with towels, microfiber fabrics or flame-retardant children’s clothing, you are actually ruining the clothes. Wicking fabric, microfiber and fluffy towels are coated by softeners and lose their ability to absorb or wick moisture. If used on children’s sleepwear, softeners will actually make them more flammable instead of flame retardant! “Fireeeee!”

Tip 4: Separating fabric and colors

Mixing the wrong colors is not the only thing you need to worry about in the wash. Mixing fabric types can be just as damaging. Rough fabrics like denim or corduroy should not be washed with soft fabrics like cotton or jersey knits. Mixing fabric types can cause pilling and premature wear. 

Tip 5: Drying Dry Fit Clothes

Letting clothes go through a spin cycle in the wash can ruin their shape. If you are washing garments that contain stretchy or delicate fabrics, skip the spin cycle and do not wring them out over a sink. Instead, get a clean towel that won’t bleed color or accept color from your garment, lay the garment flat on the towel and then roll the garment into the towel to gently remove excess moisture. Then lay flat to dry. 

Athleisure on fleek!

Article written by Downy Ball, edited by Rosa Sanchez. 

About Downy Ball

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