6 Hydrating Drinks That Aren't Water

6 Hydrating Drinks That Aren't Water

Water's great and all, but let's be real, sometimes we need a little more flavor. Here are some hydrating and tasty options for your midday drink. 

1.Coconut Water

So yes, ever since Zico, everyone and their momma has been obsessed with coconut water and it has become very commercialized, however, the real non-packaged stuff is actually incredible. Because of its rich taste, sipping on a liter of coconut water will keep you filled for hours, yet the calories are very low and the fat it contains in healthy nutritious fat, which makes it an ideal hydrating drink/meal replacement on a hot beach day. Coconut water also helps clear out your skin imperfections, reduces blood pressure and facilitates your digestion! Amazing, no? Plus, if you're ever out partying late on a Sunday (when aren't we), it is the ultimate hangover remedy and will charge you up with the electrolytes your body was missing.

2. Watermelon Juice

If you ever played competitive sports in the suburbs as a child, you know watermelon is the half-time snack of choice. Other than being a perfect desert and thirst-quencher, this hydrating sweet fruit is a strong antioxidant filled with vitamins and minerals and very few calories. On a hot summer day, a good fresh watermelon juice is a godsend.

3. Celery & Crushed Ice Smoothie

Every health nut seems to suggest “drink your vegetables” and we hadn’t really wanted to, until now. A celery smoothie – especially when mixed with agave nectar – is the yummiest, healthiest midday drink of all time. One of the most nutritious veggies out there, celery has an endless list of health benefits that you'll love be excited to discover: its high volume of vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, it is an antioxidant and diuretic, it helps prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation, and last but not least, it is a super potent source of fiber, making it an ideal snack when dieting. Any questions?

4. Pineapple & Cucumber Juice

In this tasty mix, the pineapple is what contains most of the vitamins. Stocked with vitamin A, C and potassium, pineapple is also a strong antioxidant. Cucumber has nutrients in its peel, so incorporate that into your juice when you toss the ingredients in the blender. Since this veggie is mostly water, it will not really add to the calorie count of the smoothie, but pineapple has a high level of sugar (compared to other fruits) so keep that in mind.

5. Skim Milk With Coffee

We know you don't believe us with this one, but hear us out. We've all heard the myth that coffee dehydrates you, but according to recent studies, this isn't true at all, in fact, it has similar hydrating qualities as water does! Plus, it keeps you more alert and focused, so add some skim and drink away!

6. Aloe Vera Juice

Adding to your body's production of protein, speeding up your digestion and keeping your heart and blood healthy, aloe vera does it all. Deliciousness in green, aloe also makes your skin and hear shine like no other and keeps you extra hydrated throughout the entire day. Try it out!

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