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Advantages and disadvantages of online games

Society is always changing and new things are needed. We are always making something new, including online games.

Most people like to play online games, and some even indulge in them.Online games, have their advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages and disadvantages of online games

About online games’ advantages:Proper play of some games can help ease the tension, enrich our spare time, and exercise our thinking ability.

But as a double-edged sword, playing games always has more advantages than disadvantages.

Playing online games too long, it’s easy for the players to think about playing games in class or at work, almost unable to extricate themselves, indulge in their own game world, learning decline, play things lost heart, the original promising people are buried in their hands, some young people in the development stage, in class to think about games, after school to play games. Play for a long time, the development of their own is not good, perfunctory to their own work led to their brain not often used, they used to become dull in the game.

Playing video games will lead to the neglect of school work and the inability to concentrate in class. This is the result of a lot of games and fascination.

Playing games for a long time is harmful to one’s eyes. Overuse of eyes for a long time will damage one’s eyesight, resulting in lens focusing rays farther and farther away from the retina and becoming myopia.

In today’s society, most teenagers use the Internet like a fish in water, they are not using the Internet to do business, but to play games.

Some people, in order to play games, may have parents at home to save money to play games, not only inhibit physical development but also easy to get stomach disease.

Sometimes, parents do not support playing games or family economic conditions do not permit, some people will go to do some things stealing chickens and dogs, with funds, they will go to places such as Internet cafes, generally under the age of 18 teenagers Internet cafes are not open, but some businesses do business without conscience, in this place it is easy to meet bad people, in order to pull the so-called heroic courage to help. Gangs break the law once and then twice. If they are not found out by discipline, they will become bigger and bigger and get into bad habits: smoking, drinking in bad clubs…

We live in a colorful world. In today’s Internet age, we need to learn how to make rational use of the Internet and avoid becoming puppets of online games.

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