This blog is for the modern woman who does not dare settle for anything less than her goal. She is eager, she is ambitious, she is intelligent. But above all, she never (ever) gives up.

From writers to photographers to artists, designers, models and entrepreneurs, we are a collection of creatives with one thing in common: a passion for living. 

Letter From The Editor

Hi All!

Thank you for taking the time to visit This Life is Golden! In this day and age, very rarely does something truly amaze us. We tend to feel like we've seen it all. Yet once in a while, something incredible happens, something that reminds us that we are here and we are alive and there is truly so much to live for. That moment, is what we – in this platform – are trying to capture. 

In Golden Blog, we  bring you art, fashion, food, design and excitement. We bring you honest journalism and connect you with people who are real and introduce you to businesses that matter.

In Golden Money, we hope to inspire you. We hope to show you – through the stories and words of some of the city's most successful professionals – that you have what it takes to make it in this male-driven industry and there is nothing that can keep you and your bossgirl brain from achieving everything you've ever desired. We are here to do it all, because we only have one life – and this life is golden. 

we believe in...