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What is marriage

It’s very common for two people in a marriage to feel tired and want to get rid of themselves, so they divorce.

but,what is marriage?

Marriage is a holy white lotus, pure, clean, not blasphemous, with Zen, is the cause and effect of Buddha’s practice for hundreds of years. The lotus blossoms in the water which is soft, moist and clean up all things. It is light and does not stain with dust. Marriage’s character is also pure, refusing the filth of extramarital love, refusing domestic violence, refusing insulting language, refusing all bad habits which are not conducive to marriage harmony. It needs to be watered with a pious and pure heart in order to produce extraordinary and refined flowers and emit fragrant fragrance.

What is marriage

Marriage is like a house, whether it is filled with sunshine and warmth or empty and cold depends on whether you put love or indifference into it. If both of them endeavor to love each other, give each other love tolerance and care, and give each other love understanding, the seeds of love will grow in this house, and every object and corner of the house will be full of love. If you put vile words and brutal violence in it, the room will be bleak and cold, like the bitter winter. So if you want to see the sweetness of marriage, you should pour more honey into love, so that people and things in the room can live up to the taste of love.

Marriage is a long journey, with thorns and frustrations, as well as infinite scenery. Marriage is a time traveler, you need to use a pair of curious eyes, in the journey to find joy, find beauty, find moving; the journey has curved lanes, there are broad and flat roads, there are storms, there are also windy and sunny. Muddy roads and ice and snow roads require two people to work together to walk steadily and steadily. Flourishing like brocade, sunny scenery needs someone to share company, in order to live up to the beautiful scenery and see the taste of happiness.

Marriage is a delicate glass, fragile, carefully guarded and carefully used. Because once it’s broken, even if you pick up the weird edge fragments at the risk of scratching your hands and find skilled craftsmen to put them together, there will be irreparable cracks on the edges of the docking. So you should take it lightly and put it in the safest place in your heart, so that you can add tea into your cup every day, pour boiling water, watch the steam curl up, let the tea fragrance slowly into your heart and spleen, refresh your mind and mind, regulate your spleen and stomach, and strengthen your body.

Marriage is like a good book. It teaches you knowledge, enjoys your body and mind, and makes you grow up. Confucius said: Reviewing the past and learning the new. A good book needs to be read with heart, understood with heart, and often read new. If you are absent-minded in reading, you will not be able to perceive the beautiful sentences and the brilliant story connotation in the book. Marriage is more like this. A good marriage is that two people promote each other and grow together. No one is perfect. Everyone is unique. Life depends on each other’s strengths, strengths and learning from them. Growth, gratitude, love and tolerance should run through the whole process of marriage and try to make it equal to life.

Marriage is like a pendant orchid, which is easy to maintain. As long as the heart is here, it will grow vigorously. It is not critical of soil, environment and sunshine. As long as you think about it and don’t give up, water it properly, it will grow vigorously. Marriage is also, whether rich or poor, sick or healthy, as long as the heart and heart are interdependent, mutual understanding, mutual warmth, marriage will be as flourishing as the dandelion.

Marriage is a practice of two people. Two people who come together because of love should console each other, nourish each other and achieve each other. Two people who grow up in different environments will have different habits, interests, hobbies and achievements in life. They should pay, tolerate, understand and care for each other. Living in the trivial world, it is unavoidable that there are differences and worries. We should calmly deal with them without anger or blame. In fact, this is the real life. There is no romance before and after smallpox.

If one side is moving fast, hold the other’s hand quickly, let him keep up with your steps, and trot two steps slowly, don’t stay in place for too long. Good marriage, we should know that mutual concession, mutual compromise, mutual respect, only in this way can we live in the secular life calmly, calm, hand in hand to walk the world, through time, to protect marriage into a beautiful scenery, fragrant years of their own.

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