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Volkswagen Plan Turn Old Beetles Into Micro-buses Electric

Volkswagen Beetle is the classic masterpiece, not only represents the age, but it also attract more fans of beetles to collect, overhaul and maintain it. Recently, Volkswagen has announced a new automotive transformation plan, in which old-fashioned Beetle owners will transform their cars into electric vehicles. The car maker is working with a German company called eClassics, which will actually be transformed, while Volkswagen will provide batteries and power systems. So finally Beetle car fans could enjoy old “Steel Sheets” are turned into Micro-buses electric with environmental protection, Certainly, if you like, you may ornament car inner with good textiles.

Volkswagen’s Plan

Volkswagen states it is also developing an electric conversion solution for old minibuses. In addition, “the e-Porsche 356 may also be introduced in the future,” board member Thomas Schmall said. The German automaker said it was even considering how to use a modular MEB platform to power many upcoming electric vehicles in future modifications.

As many of the newly renovated workshops have done, Volkswagen no longer connects the new electric motors and batteries to the existing power transmission system of the car, but provides eClassics with a new single-speed power system borrowed from the automaker E-Up! Called electric city-car. With a total battery capacity of 36.8 kWh, it is believed that the battery should be able to be used within a 200 km (124 miles) range.

Other automaker as competition

The German company is not the first car manufacturer to offer converts to electric cars for old-fashioned car owners.

Aston Martin announced the Heritage EV program in 2018, which allows owners to convert their classic Aston cars into electric vehicles.

A few weeks later, Jaguar announced a similar conversion suite that took advantage of its first EV, I-Pace technology.

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