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Thread Spread Sheets

An good-quality elastic edging on fitted sheets can help you get a snug and smooth fit of sheet on your twin beds and king or queen-sized beds.

On how to find the softest bed sheets as per their fibre, fabric, weave and washing directions. All the Thread Spread Sheets are made out of soft sateen weave which gives the utmost comfort sleep and keep you cool through the night. If you are picky about bed sheet, Royal Hotel’s 1000 thread count genuine Egyptian cotton single ply bed sheet set is ideal for you.

All the Thread Spread sheets are made out of soft sateen weave which gives the utmost comfort sleep and keep you cool through the night. Ranging from understated to bold color combinations, subtle to assertive accents, elegant jacquards to simple, delicate details, Thread Spread bed sheet sets offer impeccable quality and versatility, enabling you to elevate your sleep experience from ordinary to extraordinary. You’ll sleep easy in Thread Spread’s beautiful bed sheet sets, with linens that feel decadent and delicate to the touch.

They use high strength durable stitching threads, premium quality long lasting elastic on fitted sheets and leave optimum pocket depth to fit standard and deep mattresses. Weave High-thread-count sheets come in a variety of different weaves including sateen and percale. Sateen sheets feel smooth and silky, and you’re sure to love the high thread-count of the Fieldcrest Supima Classic Hemstitch Sheet Set.

Best Egyptian Cotton: Legends® 800-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Bedding. These 700 thread-count sheets come in five light, airy colors, and the fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep. These high thread-count sheets come in a variety of muted colors, and they have a sateen weave that smooth and soft to the touch.

Since the weave on sateen sheets exposes more of the thread, these sheets also have a silkier and less crisp feel than percale. This guide will help you understand why cotton is an excellent sheet material, the weaves to choose from, types of cotton, thread count, and other considerations to ensure you get the best sheets for your ultimate sleep experience. Two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet are included in sets that are Full-size or larger.

The fitted sheet in the Combed-Cotton Sheet Set has a pocket depth of 18″, which is suitable for the vast majority of mattresses sold today.

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