Live Happy and Large

smile to life

Life, monotonous and ordinary, life is not so easy, therefore, we often have a dull and lonely feeling, but life is colorful, so, we also have the feeling of impetuosity and loss.

smile to life

If the road is not smooth, we can turn around ,if feel unhappy inside. We can look down , if feel unhappy. We can do whatever we want.

If you feel very tired, then put aside these things that make you tired, you will feel fresh every day.

Then, how to do smile to left ?When you encounter something unsatisfactory, you can constantly hint to yourself, it doesn’t matter, I am strong, I have to face with a smile.

The essence of a person’s success is nothing else, but whether you can laugh at life and laugh at life. Being able to laugh at difficulties requires a courage; being able to laugh at failure requires a sharp temper; being able to laugh at success requires an indifferent; being able to laugh at life requires a wisdom. The power of smile is huge, smile can make you feel confident in yourself; smile can make contradictory people return to good; smile can make troubles away from you.

Smile to life, that is, to look beyond the obstacles to look at the future; life, is to cut the leaves of green leaves on the road of life with the cut of the soul; life, when facing darkness or difficulties, the soul is burning in the depths of the soul Big but bright and smiling lamp.

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