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Electro-Galvanised steel

It exhibits better behavior against corrosion and keeps the properties of the base material for temperatures lower than 800 °C (1,470 °F). While electro galvanizing or electroplating uses electricity to create a bond; it, too, results in a thin layer of zinc. Maximum thickness suitable for organic coil coating is 0.0575”. Electro-Galvanised steel has a more vibrant appearance with better colour consistency. Electro-Galvanised steel is superior in resisting abrasions. Typical applications of Electro-Galvanised Steel include:

These attributes are very attractive to consumers, which has led to increasing demand for Electro-Galvanised Steel. Electro-Galvanised Steel is widely used for interior applications due to its superior performance within unexposed environments. Specific Uses and Applications of Electro-Galvanised Steel. The sheet’s surface weldability is especially appreciated for spot and seam welds. One advantage of Electro-Galvanised Steel is that it has a higher level of thickness control, which provides impressively accurate results. We strive to constantly improve on our industry practices, to ensure the highest quality product is always provided.

Steel Coil Application: Structural, Construction, Pressure Vessels, Marine, Offshore equipment. Steel Coil Standard: GB, DIN, JIS, BS, INS, ASTM, NF, CSC. Like all of Majestic’s galvanized customers, our prepainted steel customers benefit from unique program offerings that are customized by our team on an individual basis. Steel Coil manufacturer in China.

Aluminized steel has been coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy, making it great for use in heat exchangers in residential furnaces and commercial HVAC units. Obtain a free import-export sample report on desired products. The second proposes that the normal oxide layer already present on the galvanized sheet is ruptured at the high points under load and vibration, thus producing oxide particles.

The first proposes that cold welding occurs at the contact points with small fragments of metal being removed and that these immediately oxidize. Other measures are reducing the coil size and oiling the material, although these methods are not always practical or possible. Actions that are very effective are designing support saddles to reduce concentrated point loading on the bottom of coils and avoiding stacking during transit.

Possibility of applying different thickness of zinc coating (from 60 to 275 g/m2) Wide galvanized steel grade and size range. Four different coats in one run Double side coating (C2S) with primer and top coat on both sides of the coil. Two Reverse Roller Coating Machines ensure uniformity, quality and performance of the paint system. The Primer and Top Coat are applied in the same run, leading to Zero Wastage of Coils. Identification with paper sticker at ID and side faces of the coils.

These products are available in myriad of thickness, width, length and other dimensions to befit the requirements of our clients. GI coils of ASML are available with following specifications: Search Products & Suppliers Product Directory Supplier Discovery Post Sourcing Request Sourcing Solutions. The galvanized sheet is cut by a large-scale high-precision mechanical device, which has high dimensional accuracy, accurate tolerance and no burrs on the edges. This galvanized roll has good adhesion and weldability of the coating.

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